EID (RFID) Sheep Tag


On the 1 January 2010 new legislation was brought in by DEFRA that all sheep and goats had to have a clear form of tagging. Animals born after 31 December 2009 had to have a electronic identification display in the colour yellow. Animals older than that have to be tagged in a different colour.

The client approached icon Plastics to design, manufacture and supply a product robust enough to cover their requirements and function out doors 24/7.


icon designed a 3D model, produced a SLA prototype then produced a single cavity tool for validation of the design to make sure it was fit for purpose.

Then the tag was approved by the regulatory authority and ICON Plastics produced a new 20 impression production tool. Material used was Impact Modified Nylon 6 with Laser Additive.


All most 12 months on and the product sales have surpassed customer expectations.