Injection Moulding Tool Design, Supply and Project Management

Once you have an agreed product design you then need an injection moulding tool to manufacture your product. If you have involved Icon Plastics at the Product Design and Prototyping stage we will already have considered the tooling design so your lead-time will be substantially shorter.

When designing a moulding tool, we take into account the polymer to be used, the flow of polymer, cycle time, tool life with respect to number of cycles, component ejection, component and tool cooling; to ensure that the tool delivers the quality components required with minimal polymer wastage, basically it’s designed for manufacturing.

At Icon Plastics we project manage the production and purchasing of injection mould tools quickly and effectively for our customers. Injection mould tooling for the manufacture of any product is a large financial investment, and it’s important to get it right first time. So, finding a tool manufacturer with the appropriate skills for your product is critical.

Icon Plastics has alliances with tool manufacturers in the UK, Mainland Europe and Asia, and will facilitate the process for you while enforcing our strict quality procedures for sub-contracted agents:

  • Recommending the tool manufacturer with the ability to deliver a moulding tool to specification
  • Negotiating the best price
  • Testing and validation the tooling to your specification
  • Delivering a tool that’s ready for full scale production

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