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All customers expect high quality and ISO 9001 accreditation as a minimum, but at ICON we have taken quality to the next level, we were the first business in the North East to achieve accreditation to Quality Management Systems IATF 16949 for the provision of plastic injection moulded components and sub assembly. Icon Plastics are now working towards ISO 14001 accreditation.

Built in Quality                    


Quality control and product inspection are an integral part of every operation we carryout. In fact, our Advanced Product Quality Planning means that our standard operating procedures cover every aspect of the relationship with our customers which enables Icon Plastics to deliver a quality service from quotation through to delivery of finished products.

By using strict inspection methods throughout the manufacturing process, we achieve the quality levels our customers have come to expect from Icon Plastics. As a minimum our inspections include:

  • Product verification
  • Dimensional reporting [ISIR]
  • Visual inspection
  • Dimensional testing conducted in-house within Icon Plastics Metrology department
  • Final Inspections

Accurate measurement                                                       


The exacting specifications demanded by our customers means that visual inspections are no longer sufficient to achieve the quality required. Icon Plastics now boasts a fully functional metrology department, in other words we can accurately measure the components and finishes to ensure that they meet the exact specification demanded by our customers.


Here are just a few of the measurement instruments and methods we use to check our components and finishes.


Computer Numerical Control Measuring Machine [CMM] with low bed 1700mm x 700mm granite table & TP Probe module with 3D CAD enabled software. Allows complete measurement of products using the approved three-dimensional CAD design and software to check dimensional compliance to specification. Using this up to date technology ensures our specification compliance and saves time.
Non-contact optical measuring This non-contact measuring technique works well for measurement of delicate and small mouldings which would flex under normal measuring.
Directly linked statistical process packages. Both of the above machines have built in software that enables us to collate historical measures from serial production or run a batch of parts to set up statistical studies; enabling us to monitor our performance.
Colour & Gloss Metering For some industries the aesthetics of their components are critical, so colour and gloss metering enables us to check colour against an approved colour plaque and gloss as a percentage tolerance.
Light metering Visual examination will always be the first inspection stage, and to ensure it’s effective every operator workstation is equipped with light with minimum 1000 LUX values.
Infrared Measurement of mould temperature We use Infrared temperature controls during the moulding process to help reduce the risk of polymer degradation and protect the moulding tool.

Conventional measuring equipment:


As well as all of the above we use a range of the conventional measuring techniques such as Vernier Caliper, micrometer, slip & pin gauge, telescopic gauging. 


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