Integrated manufacturing solutions


Product Design and Prototyping

Improve your product design to optimise processing, reduce probable manufacturing costs, enhance product performance and minimise wastage.

Injection Moulding Tool Design and Supply

Optimise tool design for efficient manufacturing, in other words ‘Design for Manufacturing’(DFM); and reduce your tooling costs and lead-time by using our expertise and buying power.

Precision Injection Moulding

Cost effective and reliable manufacture of quality plastic components and products that meet specification, irrespective of product size, run time or polymer, our experience and assets provide the flexibility and precision you need.

Post-moulding Processes

Shorten your supply chain by letting Icon Plastics finish your products for you, from chrome-plating to Radio-Frequency Identification we have a substantial range of finishing processes on offer as well as final assembly and packaging.

Integrated  Manufacturing Solutions

Forget your manufacturing and logistical nightmares and go for one simple solution - Integrated Manufacturing Solutions. No more double handling, products are delivered on-time, in-full, where ever you want them.


Let Icon Plastics make a difference to your business